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A community for lovers of Pre-Raphaelite art;

please ring bell.

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"We cannot censure at present as amply or as strongly as we desire to do, that strange disorder of the mind or the eyes, which continues to rage with unabated absurdity among a class of juvenile artists who style themselves PRB." -- The Times, 1851

When posting, please keep the following in mind:

- Keep to the topic of Pre-Raphaelite art & post only when you have something truly worthwhile to say. While "Hello, I'm new! I LOOOVE the Pre-Raphs!" may be a good introduction, it is not all people want to read.
- When posting large pictures, please use the lj-cut tag.
- With any picture or text that you have obtained from elsewhere, make sure you give the necessary acknowledgement.
- I retain the right to edit or delete any posts or comments I feel are unsuitable. But just use your common sense and we should be alright.

>> Please keep in mind that I am not an expert; I created this community simply to learn more about the subject and share what knowledge and resources are at my disposal. Try to make your posts informative and interesting! :)

Thank you for your interest,

lyre(formerly caryatid)
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