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Waterhouse dresses (with bonus Rossetti dress)

(I have cross-posted this to a few communities, but this one is slightly different in that it also contains a Rossetti inspired dress.)

It appears that someone has recreated two of the dresses from Waterhouse paintings and one from a Rossetti painting. I found these by accident while searching the internet for places that make victorian-style nightgowns. The first one, which is the one I like best is the Ophelia dress:

which is of course, recreated from this painting:

The rest, under a cut so as not to annoy anyone.

The second one is not quite as ornate as the first, but still beautiful. It's a recreation of the red dress from Destiny:

And the painting, for reference:

The third is a dress from a Rossetti painting, "La Ghirlandata."

And the painting, for reference:

They're available from Twin Roses Designs, for those who have more expendable income than I.

(Cross-posted to a few communities, apologies if you see these a bunch of times. I wanted to share them with as many people as possible.)
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