Lady Verity (spyderfyngers) wrote in prb,
Lady Verity

Walter Howell Deverell

Hello all,

I came across this article on the rediscovery of a study for Deverell's 'The Banishment Of Hamlet'. Trouble is, I can only read the first page, as every University on the planet except mine has access to the site. I have two questions:

1) Does anyone have a copy of the picture itself? I would love to see it. I've been looking for it for ages, and there's so little of Deverell's work about on the internet.

2) Is there any other way I can get access to the whole article? It's on JSTOR.

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Don't have the picture yet, but am downloading the article for you just now. I can email it to you if you are willing to share an address :)
Oh! And there is an image of it... PLUS, on that image page, take note of Delacroix's Paolo and Francesca... quite similar to that Ingres I posted last week!
I love you. I've been hunting that picture down for months. Here, have a virtual muffin of thanks.

*hands you the virtual muffin of thanks, and a cup of tea*
Aw, shucks! MMM... tea.
Hey, do you still have my email address? I'd love to get that article as well. Thanks!
Got it, and sending!
Thanks, hon!